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Articles (2011)

Prior print, online, and other articles and columns

How old are you really? Test simple biomarkers to find out. Diabetes in (, Issue 604, Posted December 17, 2011

Slideshow: Top 10 physical activity myths demystified. dLife – For Your Diabetes Life, Posted November 2011

Top 10 physical activity myths demystified. Diabetes in (, Issue 600, Posted November 19, 2011

A culture of obesity? Time to walk the walk. Diabetes in (, Issue 596, Posted October 22, 2011

Lose the scale, but watch your clothes. dLife – For Your Diabetes Life, Posted October 2011

Being female and physically active: Special concerns for women with diabetes. Diabetes in (, Issue 592, Posted September 24, 2011

Why magnesium may enhance your workouts and your diabetes care. Diabetes in (, Issue 587, Posted August 20, 2011

Don't let your scale weight get you down. Diabetes in (, Issue 584, Posted July 30, 2011

Will taking insulin make you fat? dLife – For Your Diabetes Life, Posted July 2011

To stretch or not to stretch with diabetes? Diabetes in (, Issue 580, Posted July 1, 2011

Counseling patients on how to avoid weight gain with insulin. Diabetes in (, Issue 576, Posted June 3, 2011

Using interval training effectively. Diabetes in (, Issue 574, Posted May 20, 2011

How much physical activity is enough? Do we really know? Diabetes in (, Issue 572, Posted May 6, 2011

How to Best Manage and Prevent Exercise Low Blood Sugars. Diabetes in (, Issue 567, Posted March 31, 2011

Why is everyone is getting diabetes and prediabetes? dLife – For Your Diabetes Life, Posted March 2011

Brain hormones, body weight, and physical activity: Can rewiring the brain lead to lasting weight loss? Diabetes in (, Issue 563, Posted March 6, 2011

Why the whole world is going to develop diabetes sooner or later. Diabetes in (, Issue 559, Posted February 6, 2011

Are exercise-induced low blood sugars making you fat? Diabetes in (, Issue 555, Posted January 9, 2011

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