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Diabetic Athlete's Handbook Cover wider canvas.jpg

Diabetic Athlete's Handbook

Your Guide to Peak Performance

Compared to The Diabetes Athlete, Diabetic Athlete's Handbook contains new athlete examples from over 350 diabetic exercisers, an additional 15 sports and activities (bringing the new total to over 100), examples from type 1 and 2 diabetic athletes using medications and regimens, chapters on thinking like an athlete and sports injury treatment and prevention, 10 athlete profiles (including a pro surfer, a pro snowboarder, a dog musher, an ultra-distance runner, a soccer-playing kid, a 95-year old Senior Olympian, a mountaineer, an elite cyclist, and more), along with the latest research on diabetes and exercise, fitness, nutrition, and more.

An even newer edition renamed The Athlete's Guide to Diabetes  (2019) is now available with lots of new info on low-carb athletes, the latest technologies, and 165 sports and activities (including curling)!

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