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Positive Feedback about Dr. Sheri

Diabetes Motion Expert

Helping everyone live well (and long)

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“You and I have comparable recommendations for treating and hopefully reversing particularly type 2 diabetes, and the information that you provided in this book [Diabetes & Keeping Fit for Dummies] is very impressive! ...Your name will soon be immediately recognized among our Cooper Clinic staff and our patients. You are certainly providing a much needed service to the diabetic community and, again, congratulations on a great book!”

Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH
President & Chairman, Cooper Clinic Preventive Medicine

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“Sheri is the definitive expert leader with diabetes and exercise having studied and applied it for years. She is a prolific writer and guiding force in our profession. Whenever I need to know anything about diabetes and exercise, she is the one I lean on. We’ve collaborated on projects for years. She understands the topic from first hand experience and has an engaging, fun way to communicate all its complexities, leaving you inspired and eager to know more.”

Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE
President, Garnero Designs, LLC

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“Exercise is the billion-dollar drug that rarely gets prescribed. The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes provides people with diabetes the knowledge and tools to exercise safely and successfully. This book will serve as a priceless tool for anyone with diabetes. Thanks to Sheri for all her great work and helping get people with diabetes more active!”

Phil Southerland - CEO and Co-Founder of Team Novo Nordisk,
President and Founder of Team Type 1 Foundation

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“In The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes, Sheri Colberg provides a wealth information and guidance about exercise and diabetes--not just for elite athletes, but for anyone living with diabetes who is involved in sports. Sheri includes advice about insulin (including the newer biosimilars), CGMs, pumps (including hybrid closed loops), other diabetes medications, better food choices for exercise, including good options for snacks and hypoglycemia treatment. Furthermore, Sheri includes personal accounts from several athletes, with "tips and tricks" that have helped them be successful. The Athlete's Guide to Diabetes is a must-have for everyone with diabetes who takes exercise and sports seriously.”

Jeff Hitchcock - President, Children with Diabetes

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"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this publication [Diabetic Athlete's Handbook] by one of my favorite educators. I endorse it to teach, train, and coach those of us with diabetes."

Paula Harper, RN, CDE

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“Bravo to Sheri for telling the stories of those who face high risk and come out winners. We will pass their collected discoveries to others in our writing, speaking, and clinical care.”

John Walsh, PA, CDE, and Ruth Roberts, MA

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“[Diabetic Athlete's Handbook] is a practical and thoughtful book helpful for individuals with diabetes who want to safely enjoy exercise. Dr. Sheri Colberg is an exercise scientist with special expertise in diabetes.”

David E. Kelley, MD

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"Dr. Colberg has been a wonderful resource. She answers questions thoroughly and clearly. She always responds promptly, which is much appreciated. I feel she is extremely genuine in her interest to help and inform readers."

Kate (asked question online)

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"My partner has type 1 diabetes and is active. On a whim, I bought this book [Diabetic Athlete's Handbook] because I thought it might help. It did! A lot. Thank you."

Jonathan P., Amazon customer

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“Superb response to my question. Very informative. Dr. Colberg gave her opinions, while also making it clear that not everything has been proven, medically/scientifically, but rather they are just hypotheses. Thank you Dr. Colberg!”

James (asked question on

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