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Diabetes? No Problema!

The Latino's Guide to Living Well with Diabetes

Diabetes? No Problema! is the ultimate guide to diabetes management and prevention for everyone with a Latino/Hispanic heritage. All Latinos share a greater risk of diabetes regardless of their ethnic mix, and diabetes complications like heart disease, vision loss, and nerve damage often occur at an earlier age. Does that mean the situation is hopeless if you're Latino? Absolutely not. In this book you will hear stories of Latinos around the world who are living well with diabetes, like Gloria Rodriguez from Washington, D.C. (originally from Puerto Rico), Manny Hernandez (type 1 diabetic founder of a Latino diabetes social network,, Maria de los Angeles Martinez de Pozos from Mexico, Gladys Rojas de Chacin from Venezuela, and many other Latinos with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

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