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Resources and Links

Find more fitness, diabetes, and health information and assistance online

All the tools and resources you need--at your fingertips! Just click on the items to view them.

Also link directly to the PDF resource page for illustrated exercises you can do at home, the latest exercise guidelines, and more.

Lifestyle training challenge:


Online resources:



  • MyFitnessPal (calorie counter, diet and exercise journal)

  • FitBit (works with FitBit devices and many smartphones)

  • Hot5 Fitness (5-min fitness video workouts)

  • Runkeeper (tracks runs, walks, and rides with phone GPS)

  • PC Mag best fitness trackers (2021 list)

PDF downloads (free):


Calorie and nutrition trackers:

  • Using MyFitnessPal lets you search foods in a database, record your intake, and track your exercise as well.

  • Use the USDA "My Plate" food guidelines (found at to build a healthy eating plan for yourself and your family.

  • A dietary tracker that allows you to monitor food intake and body weight is Calorie King, but be forewarned that only the first week's use of their resources is free (annual fee of ~$85).​


Pedometers, resistance bands, exercise DVDs, and more: 

  • Pedometers: The best brands are OMRON, YAMAX, and NEW LIFESTYLES, but you just need one that will accurately track your number of steps. Some can calculate and display distance, calories burned, speed, elapsed time, and steps per minute and function as a stopwatch and alarm. Others have fancy features such as talking to you, playing music, or reading your heart rate. Not all of these features are accurate, and a simple, inexpensive one that counts your steps is probably all that you really need.

  • Accelerometers: These can track steps, all motion, sleep time, and more. Check out Fitbit and the Apple watch (although many others are now available).

  • Resistance bands: The best brands are SPRI and DYNA-BAND, if you're looking for simplicity and functionality at a lower cost. The good things about these bands is that they're relatively inexpensive, versatile (that is, you can use the same ones for a lot of different exercises), easy to carry with you, and great for all fitness levels. They come in a variety of resistances, which allows to move up to harder levels when you're ready. You can get a small set of dumbbells as well, but they're somewhat limiting if you need more or less weight than they offer.

  • Fitness/exercise DVDs: For anyone with lower extremity limitations, getting your exercise while sitting down may be the way to go! Other exercise DVDs on indoor walking, yoga, and more are an easy way to get more fit without leaving your home, especially if the weather is bad. (Note: The P90X DVD set is not for the faint of heart!) You can also get fit using a Wii or other electronic game that requires physical activity.

  • Where to get these items: You can go to a sporting goods or department store to find pedometers, resistance bands, dumbbells, and more, but it's just as easy to purchase most of these items online and have them delivered to your home. For your convenience, we have linked to some of the ones we recommend that you can buy directly from

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