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The Athlete's Guide to Diabetes

Expert Advice for 165 Sports and Activities

This latest book is the completely updated 2019 version of Diabetic Athlete's Handbook. It contains entirely new athlete examples from over 300 active individuals with diabetes--most of them insulin users--and brings the total sports and activities covered up to 165 (yes, even curling is in there). Need to know more about how to manage your blood glucose using CGM or an insulin pump? Covered. Want to find out if low-carb eating works for athletes with diabetes? Addressed by many! This book includes 15 new athlete profiles (even a race car driver, a sprint cyclist, an Olympic cross country skier, and so many more, all with diabetes). Also catch up on the latest in diabetes medications, fitness trends, and so much more.

“Exercise is the billion-dollar drug that rarely gets prescribed. [This book] provides people with diabetes the knowledge and tools to exercise safely and successfully. [It} will serve as a priceless tool for anyone with diabetes. Thanks to Sheri for all her great work and helping get people with diabetes more active!”

Phil Southerland - CEO and Co-Founder of Team Novo Nordisk,

President and Founder of Team Type 1 Foundation

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