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50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes

How to live long and well with or without diabetes

This book profiles over 55 of the longest living people with diabetes, sharing their secrets and advice--including Gladys Dull (83 years with type 1 diabetes, Bob Cleveland (82 years), and his brother Gerald (75 years), James W. Quander, the longest living black American (over 80 years with diabetes), and many more with type 1 diabetes and some with type 2.

”Camaraderie is truly what soothes the diabetic breast. As I'm reading read through this book, my neck is getting tired from the constant nodding and saying 'Yes! Yes! This is what it's all about!' Who knows more about living successfully with diabetes than the people who have done it for so many years.”
Gary Scheiner, CDE, author of Think Like a Pancreas 

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