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Articles (2012)

Prior print, online, and other articles and columns

Secrets to keeping the weight off. dLife – For Your Diabetes Life, Posted December 2012

Losing weight is the easy part: How to keep it off for good. Diabetes in (, Issue 656, Posted December 15, 2012

Why exercise timing matters—but not for the reason you think. Diabetes in (, Issue 652, Posted November 17, 2012

Controlling inflammation with easy changes is the place to start. Diabetes in (, Issue 649, Posted October 27, 2012

Get motivated to improve your insulin action with physical activity. Diabetes in (, Issue 645, Posted September 29, 2012

Getting our youth more physically active. dLife – For Your Diabetes Life, Posted September 2012

Why the physical inactivity of youth is a growing problem. Diabetes in (, Issue 640, Posted August 25, 2012

Why heart rate variability is key to longevity and healthy aging. Diabetes in (, Issue 635, Posted July 20, 2012

Taking more breaks in sedentary time may be the place to start. Diabetes in (, Issue 631, Posted June 23, 2012

What resistance training can do for you. dLife – For Your Diabetes Life, Posted June 2012

Practice balance exercises to stay on your feet. Diabetes in (, Issue 626, Posted May 18, 2012

Fall much? You need to exercise more, not less, to prevent falls. Diabetes in (, Issue 622, Posted April 20, 2012

How to stop the blood sugar rollercoaster: Fight the ups and downs of blood sugar extremes. dLife – For Your Diabetes Life, Posted March 2012

Doing so little exercise can have such a big effect. Diabetes in (, Issue 618, Posted March 24, 2012

What you can do to stop the blood sugar rollercoaster. Diabetes in (, Issue 614, Posted February 25, 2012

Is engaging in intense exercise for less time the answer? Diabetes in (, Issue 607, Posted January 7, 2012

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